Tuesday, February 8, 2011

When Our favorite stars got injured

Recently Kim kardashian is famous actress of reality show her toe was broken because of her apparatus. She lost her balance and broke her toe, but now she told her fans that she is better than before. And she is opening her new store Dash in New York very soon.

Hrithik Roshan was shooting in studio Malad on Monday 9.P.M to 2 A.M, his working schedule was tough included rehearsals and actual shoot. The actor having a pain but he continued to shoot and consumed painkillers, The SOL company organize this event, this upcoming Dance reality show, "Just Dance" on star plus. Sources confirmed the events and said. "He is so much cooperative and professional, despite having a muscle pain shot for 17 hours to complete shoot. Producer of this event said if we reschedule the shoot it meant lot of damages, Hrithik didn't want to cancel the shoot and completed by taking a medicine. The show is expected to on air in few days, the actor, offered of Rs.2 crore an episode for his dance skills and more knowledge of films.

Katrina kaif was injured during the film" mery brother ki dulhan", she had been previously injured in the same spot. During Shooting imran's Gun accidentally smashed the barrel of the gun on her nose, in a second her nose started bleeding, the doctor was called and given her the first aid but she was still uncomfortable for shooting that time.

Whenever we get injured accidentally, don't distress of you because these little things are part of life and struggling make perfect and we got experience which is necessary for successful life. Always should try something better and more.

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