Thursday, October 11, 2012

Regininha Poltergeist Date of Birth

Date: 11 October 2012
Stars: Regininha Poltergeist
Topic: Regininha Poltergeist Date of Birth
Regininha Poltergeist is a Brazilian model and actress. She has played normal roles specially cover appearances on famous magazine like Playboy, Trip, Sexy and Sexyway. After sometime she is attracted to explicit sex movies with the assistance of director Fausto Fawcett. The main movies she acted are given below;
  1. Funk 2 (2009)
  2. Regininha Sem Censura (2009)
  3. Sex City (2008)
  4. Perigosa (2007)
The date of birth of this model is 6 January 1971 and city was Rio de Janeiro. This town is in Brazil. Here we will give proper references for the authenticity of this date of birth. Whether it is correct or not!


IMDB have stated the same date of birth. You can view this reference here;


A biography storage of adult characters like have also given strong reference for this actress and model birth references. You can also view the above scanned picture for visual reference while you can also view it here;

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