Monday, June 17, 2013

Jillian Armenante Celebrates Her Birthday on July 5

Jillian Armenante has born on July 5, 1968. She celebrates her birthday on 5th of July. She took birth in Paterson – New Jersey – United States.

Jillian Armenante has started her professional career with fictional role of Girl on Street in movie DogFight launched in 1991. Her adventure never ended to this day and has performed many movies and television series. Few of her movies are; Adventures in spying, The seven mysteries of life, The Wright Brothers, Delivered, Girl Interrupted, Moonlight Mile, Frankie & Johnny Are Married, North Country, A Mighty Heart, The Gray Man, Prairie Fever, Shrink, Not Your Time, Fanboy, Bad Teacher, The Dark Knight Rises and finally Stars in Shorts – 2012.

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