Friday, February 13, 2015

Bruce Jenner Caught in Car Crash

Bruce Jenner is arrested by #California police. He was using his cell phone, in the meanwhile accident happened. Two cars were highly damages from front while #BruceJenner Ford got minor touches. Accident happened only two miles far from his home.

According to California police rules of fining, $20 is for first happening and $50 for next occurrences. A white Lexus was damaged much from front and engine along with Black Hummer.

Bruce Jenner is step father of #Kim #Kardashian. He has recently got operated and changed himself into women after his wife died. Police got him tested after scene and no traces of alcohol or medicine were found in his (her) blood.

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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Sex Scandal Trial of Straus Kahn in France

According to CNN, former chief of #IMF (International Monetary Fund) #Straus Kahn is put to trial for organizing sex orgies. He was arrested in New York in 2011 for promoting orgies around Europe and America. Today for the first time, he held a conference and tried to clear his name from #pimping charges.

Straus Kahn
Straus Kahn said that he never intentionally met any of such prostitutes. Actually they are only friends and never know that they are involved in such activities. This is their personnel act. Case is opened recently in Lille under charges to promote group sex activities among high profile celebs.

Case has turned out to be very dramatic. Those who were involved in prostitution were present there. The seven girls who were always present for his parties received him outside of court bare top. Their slogans were truly against him. All stood with banners marked "We were there for Straus Kahn".

Monday, February 9, 2015

Sam Smith Leads the Grammy Awards

Heat of Grammy is on and new comer #SamSmith grabbed most of its rejoice. Sam Smith performed on new song "Lonely Hour", danced on floor, played with fellow stars and took heart of millions watching live.

Beck was also following him in lead. But UK star singer who is only 22 years old clearly leads the show. The 57th #Grammy is on and Sam Smith grabbed four awards. Like "Best pop vocal album" was awarded to Sam.

All the famous worlds singers were present on the show. Beyonce seems nominated in all the ceremony but never took a single award.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Reality Star Kim Kardishian Favors Sex Transition of her Step Father

Legendary female star of America Kim Kardashian started campaign in favor of her father for Sex Transition. Bruce Jenner is step father of Kim and taking his major life turn. He wants to be she in his remaining life.

Kim Kardashian and her Step Father Bruce Jenner
Bruce Jenner wants to be woman and stop feeling like man anymore. He is very supportive in life to Kim. And Kim is trying to return favor. Kim in favor of his father held a press conference. She spoke out in public.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Strong is the new Skinny

According to Nicole Lee, new way to look strong is being skinny. Look at her tight and fully toned thighs and arms. She looks Athena Goddess in marbled body of limestone brought from heaven.
Credits: Daily Mail

As the generation is changing, more male sexuality is turning towards swimsuit babes and cuts of famine beauty. Nicole Lee has recently been reported in skinny undergarments playing volleyball. I would definitely post those picture but due to copyright issues, you can view them here on mailonline.

Katy Perry to Perform at Grammys on this Sunday Februay 8

The stunning singer and performer Katy Perry to dance on this coming sunday at Grammys. The report is confirmed by the Billboard report that she will sing her latest song "By the Grace of God".

Katy Perry
Katy has long been absent from Grammys stage. She put her foot in year 2011. "Not like the Movies" song was launched on air before the world of album "Teenage Dream".

Ashley Graham Shows Curves in Swimsuit For All

According to Sports Illustrated, Ashley Graham looks very stunning and beautiful in her new bikini. Viewers of magazine can view her curves and cuts of chest and thighs. Famine beauty experts appraise the new effort of targeting plus size models for front cover.

Sports Illustrated set the trend and now another company Calvin Klein chose 10 plus size model Mayla Delbesio for its television ad of ladies underwear.

Now Curves in Bikinis, Sports Illustrated (PX11) takes Initiative to Take Ashley Graham as Curved Swimsuit Babe

According to PX11, Bikinis has always been targeted for fit models and fat curvy models and girls been deprived of this opportunity. But CEO of Sports Illustrated takes initiative to launch its February 2015 issue with its cover of Ashley. She is curved and most of the models does not admire that.

Ashley Graham in Swimsuit

Ashley Graham says that she is proud to be part of #CurvesinBikinis campaign. According to her official statement, the curves of body look sexy and more girls should take part to expose them as beauty phenomenon changes for men over time. This era belongs to curved babes.

"Swimsuit For All" stated this conversation since 2005 to make girls feel more comfortable and confident wearing sexy swimsuit. It's CEO Moshe Laniado said that era of beauty and sexy body does not remain same all the time. Curves has long been ignored and our team will try to reveal what lies ahead of curves and why these excites men more than fit models.