Thursday, February 5, 2015

Now Curves in Bikinis, Sports Illustrated (PX11) takes Initiative to Take Ashley Graham as Curved Swimsuit Babe

According to PX11, Bikinis has always been targeted for fit models and fat curvy models and girls been deprived of this opportunity. But CEO of Sports Illustrated takes initiative to launch its February 2015 issue with its cover of Ashley. She is curved and most of the models does not admire that.

Ashley Graham in Swimsuit

Ashley Graham says that she is proud to be part of #CurvesinBikinis campaign. According to her official statement, the curves of body look sexy and more girls should take part to expose them as beauty phenomenon changes for men over time. This era belongs to curved babes.

"Swimsuit For All" stated this conversation since 2005 to make girls feel more comfortable and confident wearing sexy swimsuit. It's CEO Moshe Laniado said that era of beauty and sexy body does not remain same all the time. Curves has long been ignored and our team will try to reveal what lies ahead of curves and why these excites men more than fit models.