Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Sex Scandal Trial of Straus Kahn in France

According to CNN, former chief of #IMF (International Monetary Fund) #Straus Kahn is put to trial for organizing sex orgies. He was arrested in New York in 2011 for promoting orgies around Europe and America. Today for the first time, he held a conference and tried to clear his name from #pimping charges.

Straus Kahn
Straus Kahn said that he never intentionally met any of such prostitutes. Actually they are only friends and never know that they are involved in such activities. This is their personnel act. Case is opened recently in Lille under charges to promote group sex activities among high profile celebs.

Case has turned out to be very dramatic. Those who were involved in prostitution were present there. The seven girls who were always present for his parties received him outside of court bare top. Their slogans were truly against him. All stood with banners marked "We were there for Straus Kahn".