Friday, October 5, 2012

Salma Hayek does not like men's look for girls

Date: 05 October 2012
Star: Salma Hayek
Subject: Salma Hayek does not like men's look on girls

The famous beauty of Hollywood cinema Salma Hayek is curious about girls who try to look like boys. Salma says that girls have curves and figure which looks far more better than the look of boys. Then why choose less beautiful option.

Salma Hayek is commenting on the recent genetic fight of girls to look like boys to be socially accepted in Europe and Eastern Europe. But few stars also do this to look teen and hide their age. But now we should not adopt this even as fashion.

Salma Hayek does not like to go on diet to reduce weight and reduce body fats. She actually like body curves and body cuts. She is fourty six years old now and she is not having botox. The reason is that she eats everything including fats, vegetables, meat and whatever she loves to eat. And this has helped her to be young and in shape also.